Kim Kardashian is ready for her fourth marriage

Kim Kardashian is ready for her fourth marriage, but she needs a «special» and «unique» man for it. The 43-year-old SKIMS founder discussed the possibility of remarriage in a new interview on the SiriusXM This Life of Mine show with James Corden.

The mother of four, who is currently dating 31-year-old footballer Odell Beckham Jr., said she is ready to say «yes» again if she can find someone who fits into her «big life.» Her chosen one doesn’t necessarily have to be a celebrity.

«Sometimes I tell myself, ‘I understand that my life is truly ‘big,’ and I need a really, very, very special, unique person to handle it,'» she shared. «I think my life is very fun, and whoever comes into my life will have a good time.»

«I’m not lonely, so I’m good. I have kids, I have work, I have family, but it would be nice to share my life with someone, but I don’t take it lightly,» she added.

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As for whether her potential significant other should be famous, she replied, «No, I don’t want that, but he just needs to really understand what this life is about.» She also confessed that she was «hopeless romantic,» but now she knows the difference between infatuation and real relationships.

Regarding the qualities her man should possess, she noted that he should be responsible, have good teeth. «He should be able to stand up for himself. I mean just a good, genuine person who is goal-oriented and has their own motives in life, the list is very long.»

Kim has been married three times before. Her last husband was rapper Kanye West, with whom she has four children. The couple were together from 2012 to 2021.

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