Emma Stone admitted that she regretted a failed joke aimed at Taylor Swift.

After receiving the Golden Globe award, where Emma Stone received the statuette for her role in the film «Poor Unfortunates» (2023), journalists asked the actress if she saw how Taylor Swift supported her during the ceremony. Responding to the question, the star of «La La Land» allowed herself to speak rather unfavorably about the singer, with whom she has been friends for 20 years.

The actress used a profanity, which in a softened form in Russian would sound like «dummy.» Stone did not mean anything bad, it was clear that it was just a joke, but later the actress still regretted what she said.

Emma Stone, upon seeing that journalists had taken her words out of context, called herself a «fool» in a recent interview. The actress hinted that she would never joke publicly about her friends again.

«I definitely won’t joke like that anymore. Because I’ve seen headlines that really took this joke out of context… What a fool,» the actress said.

At the Golden Globes, the film «Poor Unfortunates» (2023), starring Emma Stone, was also recognized as the best film. The film was directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, known for directing «The Lobster» (2015), «The Killing of a Sacred Deer» (2017), and «The Favourite» (2018).

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