The Prince of Monaco risks losing money because of his mistresses

The former accountant of the monarch revealed all the secrets of Prince Albert about his illegitimate children.

Once considered one of the wealthiest monarchs in Europe, Prince Albert of Monaco finds himself in a rather precarious position now. The prince is compelled to spend exorbitant amounts on his mistresses, illegitimate children, spouse, and immediate heirs. The personal accountant of the monarch, Claude Palermo, disclosed the sums he transfers and for whom. Certainly, Palermo didn’t decide to reveal the truth for no reason. He has personal accounts with the prince. Last year, Albert dismissed Claude, accusing him of involvement in financial misconduct, an accusation the accountant denies.

The prince has a 20-year-old son named Alexander with his mistress Nicole Coste. The monarch officially acknowledged the young man as his son. He doesn’t neglect his heir. Thanks to his father, Alexander received education in the most prestigious institutions. Additionally, the prince opened a special account in the French bank BNP in his son’s name. Nicole Coste also doesn’t lack financial support. Albert financially supports her struggling business.

From his mistress Tamara Rotolo, Prince Albert has a daughter named Jasmine. The father provided her with a $3 million apartment in New York. Jasmine also receives $92,000 from the prince every three months.

In addition to mistresses, Prince Albert also has a lawful spouse, Princess Charlene, who gave birth to twins in 2014 — Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. The princess also receives a decent sum from her husband. For instance, the prince allocates 1.2 million euros annually to his wife for personal needs. However, the woman manages to spend more money than provided by the prince. Charlene managed to buy a small island to spend time there away from her husband. Using Prince Albert’s money, the princess buys real estate for her relatives. Initially, she gifted her mother a house in Corsica worth 2 million euros, and then provided housing for her brother.

The former accountant of Albert is confident that if the prince does not cut his expenses, he will face bankruptcy soon.

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