He is 19 years old, and his wife is 52. How has the couple’s life unfolded?

Unequal marriages are quite common, and the most common form of mismatch is a young woman marrying an older and prosperous man. But there are also other stories.

Susan and Peter are not at all a typical example. He is young, handsome, and full of potential, while she is a mature divorced woman with two adult children. These two got married and have no intention of separating at the moment. Peter first saw Susan when he was 16 years old. She was a friend of the boy’s mother and taught Spanish. She had an ordinary appearance and an average income, meaning she had neither remarkable beauty nor immense wealth. But Peter saw Susan as an attractive woman and almost immediately fell in love with her.

However, he did not dare to confess his feelings and was scared by the significant age difference – 33 years in total. Peter concealed his love but enrolled in Spanish classes to be close to his love, who had no idea about her young admirer. He did not like the foreign language, but his goal was quite different. He just wanted to be closer to Susan. When Peter turned 18, he gathered his courage and confessed his love to Susan.

She was surprised but did not reject the young man’s love, instead asking for some time to think. And there was indeed a lot to think about, as the woman feared the reaction of her family and the condemnation of those around her. However, feelings prevailed over stereotypes. At 19, Peter and 52-year-old Susan got married. The woman’s children approved of the marriage, but other family members were against this unequal and strange union. Yet, the couple decided to defy all opposing opinions and find happiness.

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