The neighbors made fun of the family living in the cave: They came to visit them and were left speechless.

The era of primitivism has long passed, and people have transitioned from caves to houses and apartments. But Angelo Mastropietro’s example shows that this arrangement does not meet everyone’s approval. When the story of this man appeared in the press, journalists dubbed him «the caveman.»

Life in the big city never brought joy to the young man. Angel’s childhood dream was to live outside the city, to enjoy the beautiful countryside, and to escape the city smog. Even at an advanced age, he was able to realize his dream.

As Angelo wandered through the places of his childhood, he remembered the cave where he used to play as a child. The cave had been inhabited by people who literally lived there until the late 1930s. At that time, the primitive dwelling was sold at a local auction, and Mastropietro had the brilliant idea to buy it and settle in.

The property was sold for £63,000. Experts estimate that the cave is at least 250 million years old. After the purchase, the new owner immediately began work on the interior. The family living in the cave was ridiculed by the neighbors. But when they decided to visit the cave, they were left speechless.

The man did almost all the work on the house himself, so he built the kitchen and made all the furniture himself. The house was heated by a fireplace. The exterior of the cave remained almost intact, except for large windows letting in natural light and an outdoor seating area. After his unexpected fame, Angelo Mastropietro received visits from journalists.

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