7 qualities in women that men value

The secret of attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex lies not in salon styling and high heels.

Ces sept qualités féminines agissent de manière magnétique sur les hommes.

Ability to keep secrets

If a man entrusts you with a secret or shares intimate thoughts and experiences with you in private, he likely expects that what is said will remain between you. When his secrets surface in conversations with your friends and jokes among mutual acquaintances, trust is seriously compromised. Even if it’s something insignificant and completely non-secret in your eyes.

At the same time, men definitely notice and highly value the ability to keep secrets.


Femininity does not imply being a staunch feminist or rejecting the idea of equality with men. It is the ability to use the qualities that are given to you from birth, being in harmony with yourself and your environment.

An obvious sign of rejecting femininity is the belief that you don’t need men.

If behind the loud words lies the desire for «simple female happiness,» you need to understand yourself.


For a man, it is undoubtedly important to feel needed at least occasionally and to try on the role of his beloved’s hero-rescuer. And yet, your knight would like to take care of a beautiful and delicate princess, not adopt a cute little girl.

When a lady shows excessive helplessness in elementary matters, relationships risk turning from romantic to parent-child ones. And that doesn’t bode well.


No matter how you slice it, we all meet based on appearance and judge by the cover—that’s human nature. And in the search for a significant other, visuals play a significant role. It’s not about some beauty standard, but rather about general neatness.

If you categorically don’t like yourself, don’t expect sympathy from others.

If there is disorder in the house, covered in years of dust, first find the strength within yourself to tidy up—not for the sake of a man, but for yourself. And then your rich inner world will be noticed more quickly.

Emotional control

Despite the individual characteristics of each man and woman, in most cases, women tend to be more emotional.

Guys rarely understand the subtle language of emotions and simply cannot perceive the signals sent their way.

And women, reacting strongly to the actions of their chosen one, are not always ready to explain what is happening in the language of logic. And it’s a pity, men value that a lot.

Ability to support

Even the strongest man needs a safe space where he can let down his emotional guard and recharge.

It’s like taking a break between rounds in boxing: the coach will say a couple of motivating words, wipe the fighter’s beaten face with a fresh towel, and it’s time for the fighter to demonstrate his strength again.

No matter how omnipotent your chosen one may seem, remember that he needs your support.

Sexual freedom

Sex may be a secondary part of a relationship, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

In bed, trust, mutual assistance, the ability to synchronize with a partner, and being on the same wavelength are worked out.

You don’t have to do what is unacceptable to you, but when a partner is cold and uninitiative, as if doing a favor, the man will strive to get reciprocity and vivid emotions on the side.


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