The two Rottweilers save their owner’s life from the tiger

The two Rottweilers save their owner’s life from the tiger. Dogs are courageous animals. They step forward to save their owner’s life without thinking about their own. It’s a story of a very brave Rottweiler dog. Dogs are our loyal friends.

Paul Duple, who was 51 years old, was walking with his dogs in the national park. He had two Rottweiler dogs. He bought his dogs when they were puppies. When they grew up, Paul Duple hired a specialist to train the dogs. They understood everything, knew all the commands, and obeyed. But one day, when he came to the park with his dogs, suddenly a tiger emerged from hiding. The tiger jumped and grabbed the man. At that moment, his two dogs became very active and aggressive, trying to chase away the tiger. The two dogs were able to save their owner’s life.

The dogs started fighting with the tiger. Thanks to the two dogs, Paul is saved. After that, the dogs were injured, their legs were broken. The veterinarian examined them, and everything was fine. Life goes on.

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