Which foods are bad for women’s intimate health

The importance of a balanced diet cannot be overemphasized. It is nutrition that affects how we feel every day — and throughout our lives.

Any healthy lifestyle expert will tell you that to feel good and look good requires not strenuous exercise, expensive beauty treatments and grueling diets, but constant dietary control. It is healthy, balanced food that gives everything our body needs. Other methods always remain in the background and only support the result of proper nutrition.

This is relevant for both women and men — and at any age. And representatives of different sexes should adhere to certain nutritional systems.

Nutritionists warn that excessive caloric intake and excess weight for women is the path to infertility, diseases of the gynecological sphere. It also gives prerequisites for the development of oncologic diseases.
Experts note that, first of all, saturated fats are dangerous for women’s health. They should not be present in the daily diet, as they overload the most different systems of the body.

First of all, saturated fats are contained in processed meat and sausages. Fatty meats such as pork, lamb and duck should be used with caution.

No less attentive to the amount of carbohydrates in the daily diet. But not all products in this category deserve special control, but those that contain the notorious sugar. Its total amount should not exceed 40-50 grams per day.

First of all, sugar is dangerous not for the figure, but for the preservation of youth in general.

Excess of simple carbohydrates can affect the synthesis of collagen, and collagen is a structural element of the skin. The quality of its production deteriorates with an excess of sugar.

Sugar is not only found in sweets, but also in fruit-filled dairy products, for example. It is best to avoid them — or prefer those that state that they are completely free of sucrose.

However, completely ignoring dairy and fermented milk products is not the best option. As you know, they contain vitamins A and D, calcium, which are vital for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. Fats should not be avoided, but unsaturated fats — for example, in vegetable oils, fish, nuts. They serve to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system, and also saturate the body with «reproductive» vitamin E.

Along with all this, everyone should not forget about greens, salad plants and non-starchy vegetables rich in fiber. Maintaining a healthy gut is the most important rule for good health and regular renewal!

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