Actress Hannah Waddingham stepped out with a purse made by her 9-year-old daughter

It may seem that few of us can boast of perfect balance between work and parental responsibilities. However, it seems that the star of the series «Ted Lasso,» Hannah Waddingham, is doing an excellent job not only on screen but also in raising her daughter. One such important moment concerning her daughter, the star shared directly at the ceremony of the Screen Actors Guild Awards. What happened and why it touched not only the celebrity’s colleagues but also internet users, you will find out in our material in the next couple of minutes.

Hannah Waddingham

Behind her are dozens of British and American projects, awards for roles, and theatrical performances. At the same time, she is charismatic, talented, and exceptional. But, according to Hannah Waddingham herself, for the past nine years, her priority has not been her career, but rather her daughter. It may seem that anyone can make such a statement. Actions, deeds, evidence are needed.

Just recently, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony, our subject was present as a nominee in the category of ‘Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series.’ For the occasion, the actress chose a shimmering dress in a trendy burgundy shade with open shoulders.

«The greatest gift in the world is children»

As you may have noticed, the clutch had a rectangular shape. It had a white paper handle on top, and the accessory was decorated with colorful elements. Also, importantly, it had the inscription ‘Epic’. The star mom proudly showcased her daughter’s creativity and even explained her decision to take the handmade purse to the ceremony.

My daughter wanted to make her contribution, so she made me a purse. She said to me, ‘You know, mom, you don’t need… you don’t need to take it.’ And I replied, ‘No, it will go with me on the red carpet.’ Imagine, my stylist was like, ‘Wait, what?’ I like how my daughter said, ‘Mom, this bag goes with everything and nothing..

By the way, Waddingham approached the birth of her daughter with all responsibility. The actress wanted to give birth when she was ready not only emotionally but also financially. It was also important not to resent the child for «taking me away from my career.» «The greatest gift in the world is children. And they are complete, beautiful, and innocent.»

What do you think about Hannah’s act? Should we really take an example from such star parents? Would you dare to take a similar accessory on the red carpet?

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