Rihanna performed a 90-minute concert at the «wedding of the century» in India.

As it became known, in early March Rihanna performed at the «wedding of the century» in India. Thus, the singer delivered a full-fledged 90-minute concert for the first time in 8 years. However, she has already been criticized in the online community for her performance. Interestingly, the artist’s fee also played a significant role in this context. What led to the commentators’ outrage, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Rihanna performed at the «wedding of the century».

Undoubtedly, you’ve probably already heard the news that Rihanna performed at the «wedding of the century». There’s no need to be surprised, as the singer hasn’t delighted fans with her concerts for 8 years now. Recently, the only chance to see the idol on stage was for the audience at the Super Bowl in mid-February 2023. Then, the performer not only sang several songs but also announced her second pregnancy.

Rihanna’s return to the stage came about due to an invitation from Anant Ambani, the son of Asia’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani. The reason being, the billionaire heir is marrying Radhika Merchant, the daughter of billionaire Shri Viren Merchant, in the summer of 2024. Thus, pre-wedding celebrations took place from March 1st to 3rd. And undoubtedly, even at this stage of creating another social unit, there was absolutely no intention to economize.

For example, Rihanna’s fee for the 90-minute concert amounted to $6.3 million (out of the allocated $150 million for the celebration). 1000 guests, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and even Hillary Clinton, enjoyed 19 songs. Among them, noteworthy tracks include «Work,» «All Of The Lights,» «We Found Love,» and the iconic song «Diamonds.»

The singer also didn’t forget to congratulate the newlyweds from the stage. «Thanks to the Ambani family, I’m here tonight to celebrate Anant and Radhika. Thank you for inviting me here. May God bless your union. I wish you all the best. Congratulations!»

«I want to come back as soon as possible.»

Just before heading home at the airport, Rihanna managed to spare a few minutes for journalists. And, to the delight of her fans, she hinted at a soon return to concert activities. «I love India. The show was the best. I haven’t participated in something like this for 8 years. So, I want to come back as soon as possible.»

But, as it often happens, not everyone was delighted with Rihanna’s performance. So, in the Network today you can come across angry comments about the concert of the singer. After all, as people believe, the celebrity did not work off her fee at all. In addition, the real figure is probably seriously different from the official one. You see, it is necessary to take into account banal flights and accommodation of the artist in the hotel.

«She doesn’t even try to sing to a phonogram discreetly». «I’ve always said she’s an incredibly lazy performer». «Rihanna has never taken the time to improve her performances.»

Wondering what you think about Rihanna’s performance? Was the singer really worth the effort and singing without a phonogram at an event of this caliber? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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