1-minute test! Just choose a flower — and we will reveal the secret of your femininity

Find me at least one woman who doesn’t like flowers. Those who say they don’t like them are lying. Some may prefer crimson roses, others — charming bouquets of wildflowers. You need to know a lady’s tastes to please her.

In anticipation of International Women’s Day, we present to you a simple spring test that will not only lift your spirits but also reveal the secret of your femininity.

Just choose a flower, and we’ll tell you something interesting about your personality.

Flower №1:

You have no idea how feminine and sexy you are. The thing is, you’re not trying to be like that, you just are. Wherever you appear, you’ll never be short of male attention. Men openly admire you, while women may even envy you a little. Frankly, you couldn’t care less about other people’s opinions. You have a tight circle of friends with whom you feel comfortable. Earning your trust is a rare feat! You look good in both fancy open dresses and strict trouser suits.

Flower №2:

Damn cute, romantic, and tender girl. You just want to hug and hold her close. Poems are written, songs are dedicated, and serenades are sung under your window. You’re the ideal woman! In short, you know how to accept compliments, even if at first it seems they embarrass you. Your genuine sincerity and warm softness charm everyone around you. This doesn’t mean you allow yourself to be pushed around: underneath all that softness lies a steel rod. You always know what you want, and you almost always get it. Lace, silk, and soft fabrics of delicate colors suit you.

Flower №3:

You have so many positive qualities that it’s hard to highlight the main ones. You are «Miss Honesty»: you’ve been outraged by universal injustice since childhood. You walk through all life’s trials with your head held high and understand that the most important thing in any situation is to remain human. You are a woman of dreams: beautiful, well-groomed, an enviable housewife! But here’s the paradox, for some reason, you just can’t seem to meet the right one. Perhaps it’s due to excessive demands on those around you. Just wait a little, and you will surely find someone who will appreciate you properly! You look great in classic white and black.

Flower №4:

To say that you are a walking positive vibe is an understatement. Your smile can melt the heart of even the most desperate cynic. You adore being the center of male attention. You have many male friends. It all ends with the man falling in love with you, while you don’t let him out of the friend zone. In reality, few people know what’s going on in your soul. «But no one knows how she cries at night, the one who goes through life laughing» — that’s about you. You love to experiment with your appearance, and you’re doing it right. Carpe diem!

Flower №5:

You know your worth exactly. Since childhood, you’ve been told that you’re a little princess. But mom taught you not to be conceited and to value people not by their appearance, but by their inner qualities. Many friends come to you for advice, as if to a personal psychologist. Men simply cling to you. You have excellent taste in clothes. You know how to dress expensively on a modest budget.

Flower №6:

A woman of mystery, a woman of puzzle, a woman of enigma… You’re not as simple as you seem at first glance. Opposite qualities are combined in you: ice and flame. The man who can unravel this mystery will truly be happy next to you and will make you happy. You’re monogamous and don’t settle for trivialities. You’re calm, but at the same time, if someone messes with you, watch out, it’s their own fault! You attract men without even realizing it. Only a few dare to approach such a girl like you. You have very beautiful eyes. One just wants to drown in them. Enhance your gaze with makeup more often.

So, does it match? In my case, the test hit the nail on the head. Share this beauty with your friends through social media. They say that giving flowers to other women increases your feminine energy.

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