The story of a young bride from the prison colony who spent 35 years in her wedding dress.

The story of Emily Donnithorne so impressed Charles Dickens that he made her the prototype of Miss Havisham. The novel Great Expectations is based on the dramatic story of a neglected wife.

The work might correspond to the title of the cult Mexican television series «The Rich Cry Too.» Eliza Emily Donnithorne grew up in a wealthy and influential family in Sydney. She was beautiful and independent, which sometimes annoyed her authoritarian father. At the age of 11, she became an orphan. A cholera epidemic killed her mother and her two sisters.

Her father is left with his eldest son and Eliza, who both die. After her brother’s marriage, the young girl and her father move to a fashionable suburb. Mr. Donnithorne seriously worries that his 24-year-old daughter does not want to marry. The influential countryman proposes successful evenings to her, but Eliza, who has character, wants to marry for love.

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