How did Brigitte Macron’s children perceive their mother’s romance with one of her students?

The age difference between spouses often becomes the number one topic for envy and haters, especially when it involves a cinema star or even a national leader. French President and his wife have faced such challenges. However, what’s more important is the reaction of close relatives. In the next few minutes, our editorial team will tell you what Brigitte Macron’s children think of their stepfather and why he was called «crazy» during his school days.

Brigitte Macron’s children about their stepfather

It’s no secret that Emmanuel Macron is nearly 25 years younger than his wife. After all, Brigitte was a high school teacher of literature and drama when she met him. At that time, they were 39 and 15 years old, respectively. A lot has happened since then. Nevertheless, when Brigitte Macron’s children talk about their stepfather, they recall those times ambivalently.

It’s not surprising considering they lived in a small provincial town where almost everyone knew each other in one way or another. Therefore, getting away from the gossip was practically impossible. According to the memories of the heirs of France’s First Lady, at that time, the entire Amiens was buzzing upon learning about the «forbidden» romance between the teacher and the student.

Certainly, this couldn’t have not affected Brigitte’s children. «I learned a lot about human nature back then. I know that in such moments, we need to focus on what’s important and keep moving forward despite criticism, and sideways glances. It wasn’t the era of social media yet, but we lived in a small provincial town. Everyone knew everything,» confessed Tiphaine Auzière, who was 10 years old at the time.

«Their feelings were unwavering.»

Nevertheless, even after years have passed, Tiphaine is incredibly admiring of her mother and stepfather. After all, they had to endure criticism, sideways glances, gossip behind their backs, and even ridicule to prove their love. «Despite all this, their feelings were unwavering. For me, it was a lesson that you need to patiently move forward, ignoring someone else’s discontent,» believes Auzière.

Interestingly, Brigitte’s eldest daughter was actually classmates with Emmanuel, adding another layer to the story. As a result, the future First Lady knew quite a bit about the young man from her daughter’s accounts. Laurence, on the other hand, described him as «exceptionally gifted intellect» and «Mozart.» «Mom, there’s this crazy guy in our class who knows everything about everything,» she confessed back in school.

By the way, rumors of the romance between the teacher and the student began after the school performance of Eduardo De Filippo’s «The Art of Comedy.» After the show ended, Emmanuel, despite the audience present, bowed low before Brigitte and kissed her on the cheek. She simply smiled with delight. However, they managed to legalize their relationship more than 10 years later, on October 20, 2007.

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