Quick test: Will your wish come true?

1. Perhaps you are a romantic person, dreaming, envisioning beautiful dreams, fantasizing about something or someone. You may dream in a way that you don’t hear what others are saying around you. You are not reckless or impulsive; you are quite rational in your choices and may even be extremely serious. Perhaps you hold a leadership position or its deputy. You may even come across as very strict, but in your soul, two personalities sometimes struggle: overly serious and dreamily romantic. The angel tells you, «Do not hide your feelings, for sometimes you have to tell what you really feel in your heart.» And this applies not only to the heart but also to family, friendship… Your wish may come true, but you might hinder yourself in doing so.

2. The second angel tells you that you know how to control yourself and can be restrained. But not in all situations. You can quickly lose self-control, even get out of bed, but you can be easily calmed down. You know how to be cunning, attract attention with your appearance and charisma, and know what to do in any situation. Perhaps you really love to travel (or maybe someone among you has never traveled, but that’s okay). Don’t worry, your wish will definitely come true. And it doesn’t matter how much you believe in it because you believe in yourself, and that’s the most important thing.

3. Most likely, you often doubt the path you have chosen but can still follow it even if you are not entirely sure of the end result. You are a good enough person, you love the beauty and harmony of the world around you. Pay no attention to people who try to judge you. Most likely, it’s just jealousy, nothing more. And if something doesn’t work out for you, know that you need to stop and think a little, and everything will return to normal. Your wish will come true without much effort. You won’t have to make any effort if you don’t pay attention to the opinions of others.

4. This cheerful angel doesn’t let anyone rest with his concern, and you yourself decide whether to listen to him. This angel can be in the imaginary world, but he’s on a horse. And he tells you this: «It’s never too late to give up, there’s time, act, and don’t listen to anyone.»

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