That’s impossible! A new shot of the 75-year-old star of ‘Zita and Gita’ has appeared online

A new snapshot of the 75-year-old «Zita and Geeta» star has surfaced online, which has left fans surprised — the actress still looks like a 24-year-old!

The photo of 75-year-old Hema Malini impressed with her youth and beauty.

Fans couldn’t help but voice their rave impressions, describing the actress as a «Bollywood legend», a «youth idol» and a «gorgeous woman».

Many internet users have expressed amazement at how well Hema Malini maintains her youthfulness.

Some speculated that she may have had plastic surgery when she was younger, but most just admired her dignified aging and flawless looks.

Under the pictures of the actress, users actively discussed her looks and expressed their admiring comments.

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