Haley Bieber tenderly congratulated her husband on his birthday

As you probably already know, there’s a serious scandal brewing in the Justin Bieber family. Many internet users believe that the performer will soon separate from his wife due to misunderstandings. However, it seems like all this talk might be premature. Or is it? After all, Hailey Bieber has already reacted to the divorce rumors. Unfortunately, this has further disheartened fans. But let’s go over everything step by step.

Is all hope lost?

Undoubtedly, the news that Hailey and Justin Bieber are on the brink of divorce has been an incredible blow to their loyal fans. After all, the celebrity couple stands out remarkably among others for their tenderness. Indeed, the singer and the model make a point to hold hands even on red carpets.

Just recently, Hailey’s father made an appeal to all fans to pray for his daughter. «Christians, please, when you think of Justin and Hailey, take a moment and offer a small prayer for them to find wisdom, protection, and draw closer to the Lord,» stated Stephen Baldwin on his social media accounts.

As a result, commentators have divided into two camps. A smaller portion believes that the model is pregnant. However, the majority believe that it’s due to misunderstandings within the family, leading to preparation for the divorce of the celebrities. Moreover, an argument supporting this assumption is the fact that the model and the performer have already separated once, back in January 2016. Undoubtedly, much has happened since then.

Hailey Bieber has responded to rumors about divorce

On March 2, 2024, Hailey Bieber responded to rumors of divorce by posting several joint photos with Justin on her Instagram blog. Fans were able to see previously unpublished shots of their walks together and even their wedding. Moreover, in one of the photos, you can even notice a picture of the singer from the time when he was still a very young boy.

The reason behind such publications was Bieber’s birthday. «30?! So fast. Words wouldn’t be enough to describe all your inner beauty. Happy birthday, love of my life!» Hailey captioned the post. It seemed like such a move from her side should have put an end to all speculations and rumors. Unfortunately, according to some commentators, the publication appeared too artificial.

«Это всё пыль в глаза. У них просто контракт, который они не могут продолжить и вынуждены играть на публику», «Эта девчуля постоянно публикует одни и те же снимки», «Хорошее шоу с этими фото и комментариями. В реальности же он тебя игнорирует», «Интересно, а почему Джастин не комментирует эту публикацию?»

А что ты думаешь по этому поводу? Действительно ли для звездной пары всё потеряно или это хитрый ход в попытке привлечь внимание? Напиши свое мнение в комментариях.

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