7 actors who had a difficult childhood

Tobey Maguire

Toby Maguire, unfortunately, did not have the opportunity to experience the full warmth of family, as his parents divorced when he was only three years old. According to the actor, they themselves were very young and unprepared for family life, which explains their quick separation. Despite this, he claims that he was never deprived of attention from both parents, even though it was sometimes difficult to adjust and live with either his father or mother. However, it was his mother who supported him in the idea of ​​devoting himself to acting. Together, they attended auditions, where he managed to strike up a friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron always aimed for roles that required a multifaceted acting talent rather than simply relying on her looks. For this reason, she fearlessly took on the unusual role of a murderer in the thriller «Monster.» Her life, however, was far from resembling a sweet Hollywood movie about a girl from a wealthy family. In reality, she grew up under the tyranny of her father, who once burst into the house with a shotgun, threatening violence. Charlize’s mother had no choice but to confront her husband and try to save herself and her daughter. Thus, she decided to take a desperate step – murder. The woman shot her husband with a pistol, ending their marriage abruptly, just like the life of Charlize’s father. Charlize herself witnessed all the horrors that occurred within the walls of her childhood home.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey had a tough time due to his father’s unsuccessful career. Initially, they lived in prosperity and lacked nothing, but on one unfortunate day, they lost everything. The family had to part with their home and start a completely new life, where everyone had to work hard to provide for themselves. Jim dropped out of church school and began working diligently in various places, including establishments where he performed comedic acts. This journey led him from a poor comedian to a successful and unique actor in Hollywood.

Kevin Spacey

Despite Kevin Spacey’s obvious achievements in film, he was nevertheless deprived of the opportunity to continue creating and appearing in movies. The scandal surrounding his non-traditional orientation closed off many paths in his career. He faced the same aggression as he did in his childhood. His father ardently supported the views of a famous Austrian artist, who had ambitions that were too great. The atmosphere at home was always bleak and tense, and frequent beatings from his father only exacerbated the situation. Kevin Spacey’s brother even swore never to have children, as he did not want to become a despot like their father someday.

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd, known for roles in films such as «Kiss the Girls,» «Double Jeopardy,» «High Crimes,» and «Amnesia,» is the daughter of American singer and actress Naomi Judd. Despite her mother’s fame, they were in very tight financial circumstances. There were periods when their water and electricity were shut off due to debts. However, as soon as Naomi had a chance to earn with her talent, Ashley would be left with her father during her mother’s tours, during which he treated her cruelly. All this led to severe depression, from which she only managed to recover after treatment with a psychotherapist.

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson grew up believing he was living with his loving parents until, at the age of 26, he discovered that his supposed parents were actually his grandparents. He was raised alongside his sister June, who turned out to be his biological mother. The secret was kept due to June’s young age; she became pregnant at 17 and was unsure of the father’s identity until the end. During the 1930s, such circumstances would have caused a scandal and societal condemnation. Thus, it was decided that Jack’s grandparents would take care of June’s future child. Jack Nicholson learned the truth from a reporter who uncovered details of his life after not being able to find his real mother. The actor admitted that he never resented or blamed his family, believing that everything happened as it was meant to.

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard’s father served time in prison for manslaughter when Terrence was just 2 years old. After Howard Sr.’s release, he decided to divorce his wife, which once again deprived Terrence of contact with his father. At the age of 16, he even had to leave home due to constant disagreements with his family. Without any support, he went to New York to earn a living, eventually starting his career as an actor.

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