«This is life, and no one gets out of it alive.» — Keanu Reeves’ speech that went viral on the Internet!

Many people know Keanu Reeves, and he doesn’t need advertising. However, his post, recently published on Facebook, was appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people. Among them were even those who are not fans of the famous actor. And this is not surprising. Reeves’ words are filled with deep meaning…

«My mother’s friend has always followed a healthy lifestyle. She didn’t drink or smoke, adhered to proper nutrition, engaged in sports, and never went outside without sunscreen. She regularly consulted with doctors, dieticians, and physiotherapists, following their prescriptions. It can be said that she was even a bit obsessed with health.

Now she is 76 years old. Recently, she was diagnosed with skin cancer and brain cancer… Also, the woman has severe osteoporosis.

My mother’s friend’s father never denied himself anything. He never engaged in sports and loved to eat well. He didn’t refuse himself alcohol and sunbathed on the beach until his skin turned red and started to peel.

I wouldn’t say that he followed the doctors’ recommendations. He lived the way he liked. Now he is 81 years old, and doctors say that many young people would envy his health.

No matter how hard you try, you will never hide from your inner poison. It will catch up with you sooner or later. Before her death, my mother’s friend’s mother said: ‘If I had known that I would end up like this, I would have never listened to doctors and would have lived for my pleasure.’

This is life, and none of us will get out of it alive. So there’s no need to push yourself to the background. You need to live for your pleasure while there is time. After all, tomorrow may never come.

So do what you want. Eat delicious food, sunbathe, don’t be afraid to be lazy. Be weird, be silly, but stay true to yourself. Because there’s simply no time for anything else!»

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