My brothers took our mother to a nursing home, but I brought her home with me. But you know what my brothers did after that

My brothers took our mother to a nursing home, and I brought her home with me, but do you know what my brothers did after that?.

My mom was already 70 years old. She lived separately from us in a neighboring town. She was hardworking and active, independent and didn’t need our help, yet she still helped others as much as she could. I visited her almost every month.

Gradually, my mom began to have difficulty walking, complained of dizziness, sometimes fell, and could ask the same thing 100 times. It is worth noting that we all used to live together, but when my father and grandmother bid farewell to earthly life, we all went our separate ways. My mom remained living alone in a two-room apartment.

I realized he couldn’t be left alone. I immediately called my brothers, and when I told them that mom needed to be moved to the capital city immediately, they decided that I should take mom to my apartment, where I live with my husband in a rented apartment, and they would pay for her treatment and rent out our apartment. We decided to put mom’s apartment up for sale. My older brother said he would take care of it. My husband and I worked and hired a nanny. When the month ended, I called my brothers to remind them of their promise, but my older brother scolded me and said that I was heartless and greedy, I needed money to take care of my own mother.

We somehow paid for the apartment, the nanny, and didn’t call her anymore. Because of this, my mother had to be left alone for several hours. There were times when I found my mother lying on the floor in the bathroom when I came home from work. As her condition worsened, I had to quit my job. But we faced a very serious problem. My husband’s salary barely covered rent and food. And I began to go into debt for treatment and care. One day, after an operation, I called my younger brother. He suggested moving mom to a nursing home. I found myself in a very difficult situation and don’t know how, but I agreed.

But I felt guilty. I walk this earth, I’m alive, but my mother is in a nursing home. And a few days later, I went and brought mom home. I am ready to go to bed hungry, but let mom be nearby. Later, I found out that my brothers sold mom’s apartment and divided the money. Very angry, I went to the older brother’s house and demanded my share of the money, and he again rudely told me:

And did you ask for my opinion when you brought her back to your house, whether you and your husband decided to get rich off your mother’s apartment? I slammed the door in anger and walked away, and from that day on, I forgot that I had brothers. I remember how proud my mother was that she had two sons.

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