What Kate Middleton Looks Like After Surgery: First Official Photo

On March 10, 2024, Kensington Palace released a photo of Kate Middleton with the heirs. Initially, leading tabloids seemingly instantly picked up on the new photograph of the Princess of Wales. However, soon after, news agencies reported signs of digital manipulation in the image. What is the discussion about, and why did rumors about the princess’s health only intensify after the publication? You will find out in our material in the next few minutes.

The photo of Kate Middleton

The news that Kensington Palace has published a new photo of Kate Middleton understandably captured the attention of both the media and internet users. And it’s no wonder. After all, as you know, the last time the Princess of Wales appeared on her family’s official account was back in late December 2023. And soon after, the crown’s subjects were to learn about the Duchess’s sudden abdominal surgery.

Since then, there has been an insane amount of various speculations online about what really happened. Some commentators insisted that the surgery did not go as planned. Others insisted on serious changes within the monarchy itself. Still, others speculated that Kate had finally had enough of her role as the wife of the heir to the throne and she… ran away.

However, the new photo was dedicated to Mother’s Day. By the way, this is why you can see not only Kate but also her three heirs. In the frame, there are ten-year-old George, eight-year-old Charlotte, and five-year-old Louis. But for some reason, Prince William remained out of sight. Although it only seems so at first glance. As noted in the Kensington Palace publication, it was actually the heir to the throne who took the photo.

Thank you for your kind wishes and constant support over the past two months. Wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day,» — left a message Kate Middleton. It seems like there’s nothing to find fault with, right? Alas, it soon became apparent that there were signs of digital manipulation in the photo. At least that’s the statement made by several tabloids that refused to publish the photo of Kate Middleton with her heirs.

Fake or botched editing?

According to editors, the main reason lies in the position of Princess Charlotte’s left hand. Therefore, the photograph does not meet the standards of the agencies. They claim that only «minor edits» are allowed in certain cases. By the way, such edits could include cleaning the frame from dust that got onto the camera lens. However, Kensington Palace has not yet commented on the situation.

It is important to note that the published photograph was primarily intended to reassure the subjects of the crown and dispel any rumors about Kate Middleton’s health. Unfortunately, it turned out quite the opposite. Now, internet users are scrutinizing the image almost under a microscope. However, it is important to consider that the photograph was taken not by a professional, but by Prince William.

Впоследствии ее отправили официальным сотрудникам дворца, дабы те и опубликовали ее в Instagram. По какой-то причине тогда и была проведена небольшая редакция. Говоря простыми словами, утверждать, что снимок является фейком, никак нельзя. Ведь подобная стратегия для Кенсингтонского дворца с самого начала обречена на провал.

А что ты думаешь по этому поводу? Действительно ли стоит напрячься или дело не стоит такого внимания со стороны общественности?

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