Bradley Cooper made a loud confession about his daughter

Being a parent is far from easy, especially if you’re a Hollywood celebrity constantly under the paparazzi’s scrutiny. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case for the star of «The Hangover.» For the sake of his offspring, the actor is willing to even cancel an important press conference. Nevertheless, one of the recent producer’s interviews shocked the public. What Bradley Cooper stated about his daughter, you’ll find out in our material in the next few minutes.

Bradley Cooper about his daughter

Undoubtedly, Bradley Cooper can be considered a bright example not only of a talented actor but also of a loving parent, ready to do anything for his child. It goes without saying that he strives to spend as much time as possible with his daughter Lea from Irina Shayk. And this is despite his constantly busy schedule. Family clearly comes first for the movie star.

It is important to note that Cooper is even willing to sacrifice his own life for the sake of his daughter’s well-being. However, as recently revealed, such thoughts did not come to the celebrity immediately. In an interview, Bradley admitted that he felt nothing towards his child in the first months after Lea’s birth.

«The first eight months, I didn’t even know if I loved this child at all. But then she started changing, growing up. And suddenly everything changed. I used to ask myself: what if someone threatened her life? Would I be willing to give my own life for her? But now I have no doubt about it anymore!» — confessed Bradley Cooper, speaking about his daughter.

«There is something more important than you and your weaknesses.»

Equally surprising is the actor’s next statement regarding his daughter. The fact is that the star of «The Hangover» film series is still alive today only thanks to Lea. You see, it was precisely his daughter who became Bradley’s motivation to overcome destructive dependencies.

«To be honest, I’m not sure if I would be alive if I hadn’t become a father. I don’t know what would have happened. I just needed someone to say to me: ‘We’re dropping anchor.’ But why, when everything is so great? But no, a tsunami is approaching, and we need that anchor. And from that moment on, you make decisions differently. Because you already know that there is something more important than you and your weaknesses.»

Interestingly, his own childhood prompted such thoughts. Close people to him were also struggling with dependencies. Determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past, Cooper made the decision to break this vicious cycle and give Lea the best of everything. And undoubtedly, this is admirable, isn’t it?

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