Kim Kardashian and her «clones» in the new «SKIMS Lab» campaign

The Kim Kardashian brand SKIMS debuted on television with an otherworldly video campaign directed by Fran Lebowitz, titled «SKIMS Lab.»

Set in space, the action unfolds with Kardashian assuming the role of «chief engineer» in a futuristic laboratory. There, she oversees the quality control of the brand’s famous models, including shapewear, T-shirts, and bras, alongside an army of «clones» of Kardashian who undergo tests for fabric elasticity, comfort, and smoothness.

«As this is our first television campaign, we really wanted to engage viewers in the SKIMS universe and create a film about the story of our brand and obsession with product development in a witty yet extravagant manner,» said Kardashian.

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