Why Demi Moore’s daughters pale in comparison to her

The topic of age and appearance seems to never cease to be relevant. While some people in their fifties are preparing for retirement, others shine even in their seventies. For example, recently Demi Moore showed off her figure at the Oscars. Interestingly, the 61-year-old actress could easily pass as the same age as her daughters. What is the secret of the former wife of «Die Hard»? You will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Demi Moore showed off her figure

Perhaps not everyone can afford to not worry about aging changes. Wrinkles appear, gray hair. And if you are a celebrity, be prepared for another critique of your appearance. But fortunately, there is always the opportunity to forget about the number in your passport and the dissatisfied haters.

It’s interesting that even the ex-wife of «Die Hard» thinks so. The 61-year-old actress decided to literally shine at the Oscars this year. And undoubtedly, she succeeded. So, Demi Moore showed off her figure, opting for a somewhat revealing look. A chocolate silk Versace dress with a deep neckline and a choker fastening the outfit, massive earrings, delicate ring, and a gold clutch — the actress clearly has no intention of being classified as a grandmother.

Certainly, you can’t forget about the services of plastic surgeons. Of course, celebrities are not averse to giving professionals the opportunity to correct age-related changes. However, one cannot ignore the fact that no specialist can endow a 61-year-old mother of three with such a precise figure with a wave of a magic wand.

She looks like the same age as her daughters

In the end, the combination of plastic surgery and her own efforts gives an incredible effect, doesn’t it? What’s more, Demi Moore literally looks like she’s the same age as her daughters. By the way, they were the ones who accompanied the star parent at the Oscars.

Indeed, the actress’s daughters opted for a more understated and even romantic style of outfits. For instance, Rumer chose a strapless pink ball gown, complemented by long gloves in the same tone. Scout preferred a silver dress with a deep neckline, accentuated by the dress’s belt, which perfectly highlighted her slender waist. As for Tallulah, the youngest of Moore and Willis’s daughters, she wore a dress with a vintage corset and watercolor prints.

By the way, the makeup and hairstyles of the sisters also appeared more classic and everyday. Unlike her daughters, Demi Moore opted for evening makeup. As for her hair, it was perfectly straightened. It’s a pity that Bruce Willis couldn’t admire them on such an evening. As you probably know, Die Hard has been battling dementia for over a year now and spends time at home surrounded by family and loved ones.

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