How are the children adopted by Sharon Stone, whom she kept hidden for a long time, doing today?

Sharon Stone has always dreamed of being a mother, but fate had other plans. With her husband Phil Bronstein, Sharon tried to conceive a child. She became pregnant nine times, but all of these pregnancies tragically ended. So the couple decided to adopt. Their long-awaited son, Roan, came into their family.

The couple’s marriage lasted six years, after which Sharon and Phil divorced. The divorce was difficult, and the actress lost custody of her son. In court, Phil used scenes from the movie «Basic Instinct» against the actress, portraying her as an unreliable person.

Stone fought for her son, appealing to the courts, but it was all in vain. It wasn’t until Roan turned 18 that he was able to reconnect with his mother, as he desired. Sharon was shattered; she had lost what mattered most. But the actress didn’t give up. She found happiness with two boys whom she adopted on her own.

She fully invested herself in raising Laird and Quinn. The actress tried to shield her sons from her public life. The children had a normal childhood, away from the cameras.

The actress’s sons are now 16 and 18 years old. They have grown up and are not opposed to the idea of appearing on their famous mother’s social media. The actress posted a family photo, wishing her fans happy holidays. Internet users were delighted by this gesture. Many noticed that although there is no blood relation between the mother and sons, the boys bear a striking resemblance to Sharon Stone.

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