«Her clock is ticking.» Brad Pitt and his girlfriend have decided to have a baby.

As you probably know, divorces don’t always end on friendly terms. Consequently, the resentments of former spouses can spill over onto their shared children, making any form of communication impossible. This happened with the lead actors of the movie «Mr. & Mrs. Smith». Therefore, according to insiders, Brad Pitt has decided to become a father again. Is this really true, and what else have sources close to the actor revealed? You’ll find out along with us in the next few minutes.

Brad Pitt has reportedly decided to become a father again

Few fans of the «Troy» star are unaware of the actor’s new relationship with a fitness trainer. And yet, it all began as just another light intrigue. What’s more, nobody wanted to believe that Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband would want to part ways with his status as a coveted Hollywood bachelor.

However, a month passed, then a year went by. And today, in Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon’s close circle, everyone unanimously asserts their serious feelings for each other. True, the couple doesn’t plan to tie the knot. They believe, why spoil the idyllic nature of their relationship? Nevertheless, the actor and the fitness trainer are ready for a more serious step.

The thing is, Brad Pitt has decided to become a father again. «Brad and Ines’ romance has become really serious. She moved in with him. And they have discussed the possibility of having a child. Some may be shocked by this. But their close ones won’t be surprised if she’s already pregnant,» shared an insider with journalists.

«The easiest relationships»

This is also influenced by the fact that «the clock is ticking.» Ines is already 34 years old, while the actor is 60. However, without a doubt, he is clearly in better shape than his peers. Moreover, such an age difference in relationships with subsequent childbirth will certainly not be something new for Hollywood.

Interestingly, although the couple spends a lot of time together, they try to hide from the public eye. Because of this, they even live in two countries: in the United States, in California, and in France, at the Château Miraval estate. «They have truly built a life together. Although they currently have no plans to get married. Brad says these are the easiest relationships he’s ever been in.»

The only thing that Pitt hasn’t been able to accomplish yet is introducing his partner to his offspring from his marriage to Jolie. As it’s known, Angelina deliberately prevents meetings between the children and her ex-husband. However, this issue seems to be completely irrelevant when it comes to the adopted children. But will the same happen with Shiloh and the twins?

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