Page Six: Kate Middleton ridiculed for photoshopped image in Megan Markle’s circle

It is reported that acquaintances of the Duchess of Sussex criticized Princess Wales after the publication of the edited photo.

Over the past few weeks, Kate Middleton has become the subject of sensational tabloid headlines more frequently. Recently, it became known that the wife of Prince William underwent abdominal surgery. This news has alarmed not only the British public but also the whole world. Since then, rumors about the health condition of the royal family member have been circulating on the Internet.

Some considered the stated reason for the disappearance of Princess Wales to be implausible. While some were building new theories about what happened, others demanded to show Kate Middleton to the people. Recently, Kensington Palace tried to reassure people by publishing the first photo of the wife of the heir to the British throne after the surgery. However, the photo only exacerbated the situation.

Particularly observant users noticed that the family photo had been retouched. This sparked an even bigger scandal online. Earlier, «» reported that Kate Middleton had to justify herself to the public. But apologies did not shield the royal family member from criticism. According to tabloids, she was mocked for photoshopping in the company of Meghan Markle.

It is reported that a source close to Prince Harry’s family reproached Princess Wales for carelessness. Friends of Markle stated that she would never have found herself in a similar situation thanks to her «keen eye.» Moreover, in their opinion, the public would have been much less forgiving towards the Duchess of Sussex.

«If Meghan and Harry ever faced the same problem, they would be destroyed,» the tabloids quote a source from Prince Harry’s family circle.


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