Britney Spears accused her former associate of stealing her phone

Britney Spears shared information about becoming a victim of phone theft, stating that important information was stored in it.

Britney Spears took to social media to share a strange story about her missing phone. She believes that a man she spent time with is responsible for the theft.

According to Spears, the incident occurred after having dinner with a friend. The next day, she discovered her phone missing, which was in a shiny case. This smartphone contained data from the past six years. The singer assured that it was the first time she had lost her phone in her entire life. She added that she usually always found it.

Interestingly, Britney seemed to sense the possibility of such an outcome, so she took a photo of their phones together the day before meeting this person. Spears emphasized that the incident occurred eight months ago – during that period, she had split from her ex-husband Sam Asghari and was trying to rebuild her personal life.

It is worth noting that Sam Asghari, a professional trainer and model, supported Britney through the difficult moments of her life and career, becoming her pillar and reliable partner. Their relationship progressed rapidly, and together they overcame many trials and rumors.

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