Lopez and Affleck surprised the public by not attending the Oscars ceremony

The spouses have been married for several years but have not yet made their debut at the film awards in their new status.

The love affairs of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have always attracted public interest. However, in recent years, the public has been particularly attentive to the personal lives of these celebrities. In 2021, the stars reunited after years of separation, stirring up their fans. And the following year, their long-awaited wedding took place in Las Vegas.

Recently, on the night of March 10-11, the 96th Academy Awards ceremony took place in Hollywood. It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez is a regular at social events and red carpets. Therefore, fans were eagerly anticipating her appearance with her husband at the premier event in the world of cinema. However, once again, the couple surprised the public by their absence.

For many, the couple’s disregard for the most important evening in Hollywood was disappointing. After all, Lopez and Affleck have been married for two years now but have yet to appear at the main film ceremony in their new status. As noted by a source, the last time the celebrities attended a major event at the Dolby Theatre was in 2003, shortly before their breakup. Therefore, fans can’t wait for the stars to debut at the Oscars as a married couple.

However, despite the public’s disappointment, there is a reason for the couple’s absence at the awards ceremony. The source writes that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were not nominated for any awards, and they were not included in the list of presenters and performers. Therefore, all we can do is hope that next year, the singer and actor will finally delight fans, photographers, and colleagues with their presence at the Oscars.

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