Leonardo DiCaprio, who tries to avoid journalists, was caught on camera with his family.

The Hollywood star failed to hide behind a cap and a medical mask.

Leonardo DiCaprio is among the celebrities who do not seek to flaunt their personal lives. Unlike some colleagues in the industry, the Hollywood actor does not always enjoy being in the spotlight and attracting curious glances. However, he rarely manages to escape the ubiquitous cameras of photographers.

It’s no secret that Leonardo DiCaprio is famous not only for his film roles but also for his romantic adventures. Therefore, journalists regularly catch the actor in public places with new companions. Earlier, we reported that the famous bachelor was spotted on a date with the younger sister of Kate Moss. Photographers captured the actor and the model spending time together at a party in one of the nightclubs in London.

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio couldn’t escape attention the day before. This time, paparazzi captured Leonardo DiCaprio not with another beauty, but with his family. The actor tried to hide from journalists using a cap and a medical mask, but unsuccessfully. Despite his efforts, the celebrity was caught on camera with his family.

In the photos published by the Daily Mail, the actor was captured outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. It is noted that the Hollywood representative met with his father George DiCaprio, stepmother Peggy Farrar, and 16-year-old niece Normandy Farrar.

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