What happened to Jackie Chan?

As it became known recently, the number one topic on the internet lately has been the appearance of the star of the movie «The Karate Kid». Interestingly, the reason for this might be the actor’s age and his mastery of martial arts. After all, on April 7, 2024, he will already be 70 years old. What exactly has concerned commentators and how Jackie Chan looks today, you will find out in our material in the next couple of minutes.

Jackie Chan today

Throughout his career, Jackie Chan has appeared in over a hundred films, endured thousands of body injuries, and earned the love of millions of viewers. Interestingly, journalists often report on yet another injury suffered by the actor. This was the case a few months ago when the media announced the urgent hospitalization of the celebrity due to a cranial injury sustained during filming. However, representatives of the martial arts star never commented on these rumors.

«It’s impossible to list all the injuries I’ve sustained over these decades. They say I’ve broken every bone in my body — which, of course, isn’t true. I can confidently say: from the tips of the hair on my head to the toenails on my feet, every millimeter of my body has been injured at least once. But I believe that all stuntmen go through this. And I’m no exception,» the man confessed in his book.

However, it seems that all these carefree days of dedication on set will soon come to an end. After all, this year the actor will celebrate his seventieth birthday, which is clearly hard to grasp, isn’t it? Moreover, it’s important to consider the fact that Jackie Chan doesn’t exactly look young today.

«How quickly time flies»

So, recently the stuntman attended an event where he met his loyal fans of his work. And undoubtedly, he couldn’t hide from them the fact that the actor has aged significantly lately. He has developed prominent gray hair, wrinkles, and Jackie himself looks incredibly tired.

«Sad and heavy to watch as the legends of our childhood age.» , «For me, he will always be young.», «I would love to see him play an old kung fu master in a classic martial arts film.», «How quickly time flies.», «I recently watched a movie. He looks better there. Here, he looks tired.», «And yet, still stylish.», «He looks like he’s about to start training Shaolin fighters in a remote mountain cabin.»

As you can easily notice, the mood of the fans clearly hasn’t improved after seeing this. However, some commentators believe that it’s just makeup. The thing is, Jackie Chan is preparing for the role of an elderly man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in a new film. So, it’s still too early to worry.

By the way, which movie featuring the actor would you enjoy rewatching right now? Share with us in the comments!

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