Brad Pitt is ready for a fierce battle against Angelina Jolie’s billionaire over a vineyard in France.

Brad Pitt is gearing up for a fierce legal battle against his ex-wife Angelina Jolie and Russian billionaire over the Miraval vineyard in France.

Over the past few weeks, Pitt has secured three legal victories against the actress and billionaire Yuri Shefler

Brad Pitt, 60, and Angelina Jolie, 48, split in September 2016 and have since been embroiled in an epic feud. They are still battling over finances, custody of their children, and the Miraval vineyard.

Pitt sued Jolie for alleged breach of contract after she sold her stake in the estate to Russian entrepreneur Shefler, reportedly without Pitt’s consent or knowledge.

The Los Angeles Superior Court ruled this week that the case can proceed to trial, setting the stage for a courtroom showdown.

Sources told Page Six that Pitt has already spent around $10 million on attorney fees. However, the actor is confident it’s not a waste of money.

Pitt has long claimed that Jolie sold Miraval «out of spite» to him just weeks after joint custody was initially granted for their children. Jolie denies this. «He is ready to testify if the case goes to trial,» added the source.

Pitt and Jolie, along with Shefler, are fighting in three different jurisdictions: Luxembourg, California, and France.

The former spouses acquired Chateau Miraval in 2008, with Pitt taking winemaking seriously and producing award-winning rosé champagne.

When Jolie sold her stake in the Stoli Group to Shefler for $64 million in 2021, Pitt claimed he learned about the deal only from a press release.

Subsequently, the actor accused the Russian of attempting to «intimidate» him. Additionally, a French appellate court recently ruled that the Stoli Group must return documents taken during a raid on Miraval to Pitt and his partners.

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