Where has the public’s favorite, Kate Middleton, disappeared to?

The topic of Kate Middleton’s prolonged absence is far from fading away. Moreover, some media outlets and internet users speculate that it might be due to a nervous breakdown by the wife of Prince William. According to them, the latter could have occurred because of her husband’s infidelity with her longtime acquaintance, Rose Hanbury. Who this woman is and why the thirteenth wedding anniversary of Kate and William might be at risk because of her, you will find out with us in the next few minutes.

I’m tired of royal duties

Today, Kate Middleton is increasingly being compared to Princess Charlene of Monaco. The rumor mill suggests that the princess is utterly tired of all her royal duties and is ready to literally escape from the palace, if she hasn’t already done so. Such speculations are fueled by insiders who claim to confirm these rumors.

«The constant press attention has shaken Kate’s mental and physical health. And the uproar following the surgery only reinforced her desire to step away from royal duties. She knew her life would change forever after marrying William. But even in her wildest fantasies, she never imagined it would be this intense,» shared a source speaking to the media.

Rose Hanbury

But perhaps it’s not about the duties, but about her husband’s infidelities? After all, talks of Prince William’s infidelity have literally not subsided since 2019. As for the one whom the heir to the British throne preferred, it’s Rose Hanbury. The ‘Marchioness of Cholmondeley’ met the eldest son of the current king as far back as 2009.

The thing is, not long before that, she successfully married Marquess David Cholmondeley. When the couple had twins, they moved to Norfolk. It was here, quite conveniently, that one of the Welsh estates was located. It is believed that it was during this time that William met Rose, while briefly separated from Kate Middleton.

The rival for the man’s heart.

Interestingly, according to the same rumors, the new acquaintances were limited to just a couple of passionate encounters. This is not surprising, as soon the heir to the throne was able to regain the favor of his future spouse. And in 2011, as you know, they got married. However, cutting off all contact with Rose seemed impossible. The same circle, events… Needless to say, one could confidently assert even about family friendship. But why did all contacts suddenly stop in 2019?

According to some media outlets, the reason was the renewed relationship between William and Rose Hanbury. They suggest that the wife of the elder son of the king pushed the rival away from sight. In 2022, talks about this resurfaced again. It’s also important to consider that the prince’s mistress often copied Kate’s styles recently. Therefore, according to an insider, Middleton’s nerves gave in due to her husband’s infidelity.

«My wife»

What’s interesting is that the royal palace itself tries not to react to such attacks on the Welshes. Moreover, William himself shows no signs of it. However, his recent words have made many internet users doubt the rumors of infidelity. The thing is, on March 14th, the heir to the British throne attended the opening of the West Youth Zone charitable institution in West London.

Together with the center’s wards, the prince prepared cookies. During the event, one boy praised William for his culinary skills. However, the man himself had the opposite opinion about his abilities. «Actually, this is not the most impressive work. My wife is much more talented at this than I am. Even my children are more skilled than I am,» he confessed.

It seems that William’s words about his wife and children came at the right time and in the right place. After all, the scandal with the photo of Kate and their heirs still hasn’t died down. Therefore, let’s hope that very soon we will see the Duchess of Wales herself in public. But will the intensity of passions and rumors diminish?

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