Bruce Willis’ daughter has opened up for the first time about suffering from autism

Bruce Willis’ daughter, Tallulah Willis, has opened up for the first time about suffering from autism. The 30-year-old Willis shared news about her health by posting a video on her Instagram page together with her father.

In the video, her father, Bruce Willis, holds young Tallulah in his arms as they appear on the red carpet. While he answers questions from journalists, his daughter gently rubs his bald head and plays with his ear.

«Tell me you’re autistic without telling me you’re autistic,» she wrote. «This is actually the first time I’ve publicly shared my diagnosis.»

According to her, she was diagnosed this summer, and «it changed her life.»

Autism is part of a broad range of conditions and is often «characterized by challenges with social skills, social and communicative behavior, as well as repetitive behaviors, resistance to changes in daily routines, or restricted interests.»

Tallulah is the youngest daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. They also have daughters Rumer and Scout.

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