The lips of this girl have become a talk of the town, and seeing her photos, you’ll understand why

25-year-old Jasmine Daniel has been doing makeup since 2006. Today, the whole Internet is talking about her lips.

Jasmine is a true artist, but instead of canvas, she prefers to paint on lips.

She creates works of art on lips. Essentially, they are very intricate and detailed paintings. Today, she has over 1 million followers.

The girl became famous for depicting scenes from famous movies and images of well-known people on her lips.

Actually, this story didn’t have a very good start. Jasmine found out he had brain cancer in 2006. He had to stay home all the time, unable to go outside. The only thing that brought him joy was art.

With time, Jasmine transitioned from painting to makeup. He started attending courses and succeeded in business.

It was then that he underwent surgery. He rested, drawing lips, which distracted him from the illness.

Today, Jasmine’s paintings have become more complex. They require very careful work. He can paint for hours until the painting becomes perfect.

Jasmine notes that initially people didn’t understand her art, saying it was a waste of time. In some of her works, in addition to lips, she also includes nails to achieve the full effect.

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