Fans deemed Kylie Jenner too thin

Fans considered Kylie Jenner too thin in the latest photo she posted on Instagram.

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The 26-year-old Kylie poses for a series of photos for Sam Edelman’s advertisement. In the photo, she wears lingerie, showcasing her slender figure. In one photo, Kylie turned sideways to the camera, revealing her ribs.

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Fans have stated that Kylie has become too obsessed with losing weight. «Now she looks like any other skinny girl. At least she stood out when she had curves,» «Has she lost weight or does she have some illness?», «She’s now hopping on the skinny trend. Being thick is no longer cool,» «Too skinny.»

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Some have accused Kylie of using the weight-loss drug for diabetes, Ozempic. «Ozempic on point,» «Ozempic queen,» wrote another.

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