Versace FW24 ignites a quiet rebellion

In the Versace Fall-Winter 2024 collection, elements of 80s punk are transported into an underground club.

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Here you can find red plaid, belts with rivets and chains, striped leggings, crystal jewelry, exaggerated shoulders, voluminous knitwear with holes, a form-fitting jumpsuit with a print, and lots of shiny black, red, and brown leather. Thick black eyeliner is another nod to the punk theme.

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«In this collection, there’s a rebellious spirit and a kind heart,» said Donatella Versace. «[The Versace] woman is a good girl with a wild soul. She is strict but sexy.» She wears conservative dresses with collars and confident shoulders as well as revealing dresses.

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She often opts for matching sets of jackets and skirts with striking prints and gold buttons that are impossible to overlook.

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«The collection focuses on clean lines, innovative fabrics that are considered wild,» said Donatella. Perhaps the boldest pieces in the lineup are jackets with collars, button-down shirts, and dresses with elaborate gold Versace animalistic motifs. «This is us,» concluded Donatella. «This is Versace!»

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