Where has Kate Middleton disappeared to?

The search for the princess in the media continues, with some of the most shocking theories being voiced.

The disappearance of Kate Middleton is causing unrest among many. Various theories about the disappearance of Prince William’s wife are being put forward, some of which are quite unsettling. Now even Victoria Bonia has decided to voice her speculations. The TV presenter is known for her scandalous and rather unusual messages about celebrities. By the way, once on one of the shows, she claimed that Michael Jackson is actually alive. According to Bonia, her mother saw the artist moving in a wheelchair and even had the honor of talking to him. But this time, Victoria has taken up the story of the Princess of Wales. In the model’s opinion, Kate is no longer alive, and the world government is to blame.

«There is a huge, great evil, and this great evil is the world government, about which I have spoken more than once… And yesterday I read such news that Kate Middleton was killed, not just killed, but sacrificed… Now all the world’s publications are openly writing that Kate Middleton was sacrificed to the Illuminati, that is, they fed her to this demonic force…», Bonia says completely seriously.

British tabloids are claiming that Middleton is actually alive and well, and her absence from public view is because she is on the verge of divorce from Prince William. Allegedly, the Duke of Cambridge has been having an affair with Rose Hanbury, and they even have a child together. The princess did not reconcile with this news; a quarrel ensued, and Kate intends to divorce the heir to the throne. Moreover, she could no longer hide her emotions, which is why the story of her illness was concocted. However, recently Rose Hanbury denied having any relationship with the prince. However, few believed her. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, you know…

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