Megan Fox on her plastic surgeries: «I got the biggest boobs I could find to fit into my body.»

Megan Fox has finally admitted to having plastic surgeries. For many years, the 37-year-old star of «Transformers» has confused fans with her constantly changing appearance but remained silent despite constant speculation.

Now the mother of three has revealed the cosmetic procedures she has undergone, including spending $30,000 on «the biggest boobs that could fit into her body.» She also admitted to having a nose job when she was just over 20 but denies claims that she underwent this procedure seven or eight times.

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Megan debunked rumors about other procedures she has undergone, insisting that she has never had liposuction because she is too thin.

Despite admitting that she likes the results of the surgeries and wants people to consider her a «freak,» she confessed to avoiding many common procedures because she is afraid of anesthesia.

Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast, she revealed that she has had fillers and Botox. She then refuted rumors that she had her buccal fat removed.

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Speaking about her large breasts and slender figure, she said, «My breasts have been fake for like, I think, 21 years. I got them when I was 21 or 22, so I’ve had them for a while. I got them after the first ‘Transformers’ movie.»

Megan admitted that she wants a bigger butt, but currently, it’s not possible because she is too thin. «If I could, I would do it. I don’t have any excess fat. It’s a three-month recovery. You have to lay on your stomach for, like, ever. You’re bruised for, like, three months. I wish I was kidding. It’s so painful.»

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