Actress Eiza González faced criticism after stating that she gets roles because she’s «too pretty.»

Actress Eiza Gonzalez came under harsh criticism online after she stated that she missed out on film roles because she’s «too beautiful.»

The 34-year-old actress noted that her attractive appearance has hurt her career. In an interview with InStyle, Eiza said, «I remember in so many projects being told, ‘She’s too pretty for this role. She’s too sexy for this role.’ And then I’d just ask, ‘What about Margot Robbie?’ She’s the hottest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life!»

The Mexican star added that there are different standards for Latinos, admitting that she had an «identity crisis for a very long time» and even considered shaving her head to improve her prospects.

After the interview, many criticized her sharply on social media: «No, she’s just a bad actress,» «Well, just act better…,» «I have another idea why she didn’t get roles,» «Glad she thinks highly of herself.»

Many found it hard to believe that this was the reason she wasn’t getting roles.

Another commentator called the actress «vain,» and someone noted that she probably «got a ton of roles because she’s beautiful,» not despite it.

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