«Sharon Stone criticized Johnny Depp’s artistic abilities.»

Sharon Stone criticized Johnny Depp’s artistic abilities.

The Hollywood star has turned away from acting to develop her painting skills, expressing skepticism about Depp’s art collection, which amassed millions in 2022.

Stone reignited her passion for art during the pandemic and decided to dedicate herself fully to it after not being offered roles she felt worthy of her talent.

She has now opened her own exhibition in Berlin, with another set to open in San Francisco in April. While acknowledging that her rapid success in art «probably» owes something to her fame, the actress told The Guardian that there are still obstacles as she doesn’t always produce art that galleries want.

Stone criticized Depp’s art collection, saying, «Johnny Depp prints photographs of people, paints them, signs them, and makes a fortune.»

She referred to Depp’s art collection «Friends and Heroes of Depp,» which includes 780 reproductions of famous faces that he sold for around $3.65 million. In 2023, he released more prints featuring the faces of celebrities like Heath Ledger and Hunter S. Thompson.

Last year, Depp also presented a self-portrait capturing the «emotional exhaustion» he felt during a difficult period in his life. With each painting sold, the actor donated $200 to Mental Health America.

According to Stone, curators seemed to be making requests based on Depp’s success, saying, «Gallery representatives would come up to me and ask, ‘Could you make a print of your face?’ I feel it’s my duty not to do that. My job is to open the window for other women and keep it open.»

Previously, Stone supported Depp during his controversial divorce from Amber Heard, saying, «I’ve known Johnny since he was a child, and he’s a fantastic guy: sweet, nice, very warm, and generous. So, I feel like it’s more about this young lady,» she said at the time.

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