Geography TEST. You are smarter than 5% of the world’s population if you score 9/9

Geography test. You are smarter than 5% of the world's population if you score 9/9 points

If you can correctly answer all the questions and score 9 out of 9, you will be among the top 5% most knowledgeable people on the planet in the field of geography. Improve your knowledge level and test your geographical knowledge right now.

On which mountains did Noah's ark come to rest?

Which country does not have a capital?

What belongs to Queen Elizabeth II on the River Thames?

What was the name of the tyrant's favorite Dionysius the elder, who at a party saw a sword hanging from a horsehair above his head.

In this country, for a child to succeed, they are thrown from a 15-meter tower. At the bottom, several men with a stretched sheet await them.

What fell on Isaac Newton's head?

What is the largest island nation?

What sea is called the Eastern Sea in some languages and the Western Sea in others?

In Brazil, people speak Portuguese?

If the Sun were to suddenly explode, how long would it take for humans on Earth to find out about it?

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The average score is 25%


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