Kate Middleton told the whole truth about her health

The princess made a statement.

Kate Middleton has been absent from public appearances for a long time. The last time she was seen was at the Christmas service in Sandringham in December. Earlier this year, Kate had to undergo abdominal surgery. The princess spent about two weeks in the hospital, where she was under close medical observation. Middleton is still recovering to this day, but she is already at home in her residence in Windsor. She is surrounded by her closest family.

Due to Kate Middleton’s silence and lack of communication with the public regarding her health and the reasons for her surgical intervention, numerous rumors have emerged. However, yesterday the princess unexpectedly made a statement and admitted that she has cancer. She posted a video message on the Kensington Palace account. Kate revealed that initially, nobody suspected anything serious with the wife of the heir to the British throne. She underwent surgery, and later tests were conducted that shocked Middleton and the entire royal family. Now the princess must undergo chemotherapy.

Earlier reports claimed that there was discord in Kate and William’s family. However, as it turns out, this is not the case. The prince is supportive of his wife.

Photo: social media.

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