They steal your beauty. 5 clothing colors that don’t suit anyone

Each person has their unique color type, which can be either cool or warm. Based on this, you can choose collections that will accentuate your appearance’s strengths. However, there are also those colors that don’t suit anyone, regardless of the type of coloration. In this article, we will talk about them and their effects.

Neon colors

When everyday life doesn’t bring us sunshine, we especially want to create outfits with bright colors, and, of course, neon is always the leader in this battle. However, the first thought is not always entirely correct, and it should be remembered that this palette accentuates all the flaws of the face. To soften this effect and diversify the ensemble, we recommend diluting such outfits with another shade.


While gray is a versatile color suitable for any situation, familiar and striking in business attire, it can be unforgivably dull and rob a woman of her beauty. No matter how expressive your makeup or hairstyle is, the shade of gray can steal your elegance. It makes your skin look pale and possibly lifeless.


Yellow-green (olive) shade belongs to the category of earthy colors, known for their ability to give the face a tired appearance and the skin a dull and lackluster look. Previously, this color was recommended not to be worn only by women over 40, but today stylists cancel this rule for everyone.

The only exception we can make for military and safari enthusiasts is strict pants or a skirt of this shade. Such purchases will be an excellent choice for various occasions.


Even the color we usually consider neutral is not so simple. White can emphasize skin imperfections and even add volume, especially if it’s a white suit or dress.

In such cases, shades of cream, beige, or vanilla colors are preferable. Pink, lilac, and blue will create a refreshing and rejuvenating outfit.


Intense and bright red shades, placed close to the face, can create an unpleasant contrast with the skin tone and accentuate various imperfections: breakouts, dark circles under the eyes, and even wrinkles. However, this doesn’t mean you should completely avoid this color. Red accessories or clothing can add shine, brightness to your look, and definitely attract attention.

Always remember that the right clothing should highlight your individuality and enhance your appearance, rather than making it awkward and unpleasant.

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