Love horoscope for the week: What awaits the zodiac signs from March 25th to 31st


You haven’t seen your loved one for a long time, and you’re starting to pay attention to others of the opposite sex. Be careful not to go too far.


You will receive news that your peace and the peace of your loved one will be disturbed by distant relatives, who will stay at your home for 1-2 weeks.


Your partner will be a bit slow, which will annoy you. You’ll try to speed them up, but in vain. Don’t waste your efforts.


Your partner will find it difficult to communicate with you. You’ll blindly believe they understand you implicitly, but in reality, things will be different.


You and your partner have things to do at home. Perhaps it’s time to paint the walls or change the wallpaper… The stars suggest involving your parents in this task.


The stars advise you to keep a small talisman with you. It will help you in difficult times and prevent your relationship with your loved one from deteriorating.


If you’ve decided to build a house or plant a tree, this is the perfect time. By the way, you can ask your husband and children for help with this.


Your partner will come up with a surprising but bright idea. This means the week promises to be interesting and full of positive emotions.


Use your charm and make someone happy by engaging with you.


Your partner won’t ask you to do something for a long time. They have great persuasion skills.


The stars advise you to refrain from loud words. There’s a good chance it’ll just be an emotional outburst that will disappear very quickly.


Don’t promise the world to your loved one. Someday you’ll have to keep your promise, but maybe by then, you’ll be in a different mood.

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