In Bristol, a mysterious plaque has appeared, paying tribute to a ‘husband, father, adulterer.’

Amateur sleuths and conspiracy theorists in Bristol have their take on the mysterious memorial plaque that appeared in honor of a cheating husband, writes The Guardian.

The brass plaque with the engraved inscription: «To My Love. Husband, Father, Adulterer. Yes, Roger, I knew,» quickly caught attention after it was attached to a wooden bench on the terrace of the Grand Crescent at the end of last week.

Most residents doubt its authenticity. Rachel Weaver-Tully, whose balcony overlooks the bench, points out Roger’s birthdate on the memorial board: 09.06.69. «Revenge is a dish best served cold… and on a copper plate,» she says. «But look at the numbers in the dates. Come on!»

Nevertheless, some residents are determined to uncover the secretive creator of the memorial board.

«There are a lot of eccentric people here. There are many writers and artists who have the time,» says 53-year-old Jason Smith. «I think someone lives here who wants people to discuss it and laugh about it.»

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