Why is the internet attacking a father of many children because of his tattoos?

It seems that people need to realize that appearance does not always reflect a person’s inner world. Unfortunately, society is still not ready to accept such a truth. For example, Richard Huff has been forced to deal with constant hate directed towards him. At 51, he is a devoted family man and a tattoo enthusiast. What scares others about him and how does he react to negative comments, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Richard Huff

Richard Huff is a 51-year-old father whose family is hardly distinguished from others. His seven children, just like their neighbors, go to school, play outside, and ask for sweets on Halloween. However, there is one small detail in this story to which most people seem unprepared.

As you can already notice, Richard has a passion for tattoos. According to the father of many, he first wanted to get inked at the age of 17. «It became an addiction. I started with my feet and gradually worked my way up.» As of today, the man’s body is covered in tattoos by 85%.

But stopping there is not at all Huff’s intention. «Over the next few years, I want to completely cover my body with tattoos. 100%. Maybe it’s an illness, or maybe it’s a work of art that is right on you. It’s exciting that we have the opportunity to do something like this.»

Tattoos Against Hate

But, of course, such an appearance cannot escape public scrutiny. Marita, Richard’s wife, was initially afraid of him herself. «At first, I judged Richard by his appearance. But when I got to know him a little, I realized that he is actually a person with a big heart.»

As for his children’s friends, they often get scared and even call Huff «scary.» Therefore, the man’s offspring try to explain that their father simply loves tattoos very much. Richard himself, despite such comments, does not react to them at all. For example, his appearance does not prevent him from participating in the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association), attending his children’s morning performances, and taking care of them.

«If someone allows themselves to pour such negativity onto me, then something must be wrong with them. Tattoos don’t scare my children. These drawings don’t make me a bad father. On the contrary, my appearance helps children see life differently.»

One can only hope that over time people will indeed become less judgmental about a book by its cover. It’s interesting, what would your reaction be to a body almost completely covered in tattoos? Would you be able to accept such a partner?

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