The bartender serves drinks and delivers a slap, earning $6,000 a night.

Visitors line up to receive a slap from the bartender in South Florida, whose «hurricane shots» of alcohol for $30 have become the most popular in the city. (15).jpg (84 KB)

Ayana Callas has built a business selling her signature shots — alcohol sprayed in the face — while her alter ego, «Hurricane Ayana,» pours a pitcher of water over the drinker’s head. And the business is thriving: Callas told Axios that she sells 150-200 «hurricane shots» per night at Backyard Fort Lauderdale. (At $30 per person, that’s a whopping $6000 per night).

The 26-year-old graduate of Nova Southeastern University didn’t invent the «hurricane shot» but gave it her own twist with acrobatic moves and wrestling-style theatrical performances, helping her go viral on social media.

Callas has created her own entertainment company and website where she takes orders for private parties.

Her shot menu includes the traditional «hurricane» for $30 — a choice of alcoholic beverages — and additional options where she spins, does a Matrix-style bend, or delivers combined hits.

She says participants give their consent before receiving a slap, and she tries not to hit them hard.

«I’m really good at making it look like I’m slapping them as hard as I can. But I absolutely don’t hit them as hard as I could,» she says. «After all, they’re kids, and I always try to ensure their safety.»

Living on her yacht, Callas usually works as a bartender only two months a year. The rest of the time, she travels the world. Her goal is to become a YouTuber and spend her entire life on the water. «I can’t live any other way.»

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