Angelina Jolie «was not thrilled» with daughter Shiloh’s decision to move in with her father.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has always been «daddy’s girl» and is now moving in with her dad, Brad Pitt! Angelina Jolie «was not thrilled» with her daughter’s choice, but she still supports her decision.

«[Angelina] knows that Shiloh is now a woman and can make her own decisions,» an insider told In Touch.

Brad’s $8.3 million estate in Los Feliz is just a few minutes’ walk from Angelina’s home, and «Shiloh can drop by Angie’s and see her brothers and sisters anytime.»

Shiloh’s decision didn’t come as a surprise. Although she has a good relationship with her mom, she also has a «strong bond» with her father. «This pair has loving, fun, and genuine relationships, and they are cut from the same cloth,» a source told Life & Style.

«Brad never pressures Shiloh and encourages her to pursue her dreams. She feels comfortable talking to him about anything,» the source noted.

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