Scientists have discovered a link between a woman’s hair length and her sexual life.

Scientists from South Korea have discovered a link between a woman’s hair length and her sexual life. The research findings were published in the academic journal «Evolutionary Psychology».

It is noted that the most feminine characters in literature and art were endowed with cascades of flowing locks, including Rapunzel or Venus from Botticelli’s painting «The Birth of Venus».

«Such images of women with long silky hair create an image of femininity that can be attractive to the viewer,» said the team led by Chun In Chon.

«The image of the ideal woman often involves her having long silky hair. However, the lack of psychological research limits the understanding of how female hair functions in romantic relationships.»

To find out if a woman’s hair influences her actions in the bedroom, the team surveyed 204 heterosexual married couples, asking them questions about hair quality, hair length, attractiveness, sexual desire, frequency of sexual contacts, and sexual satisfaction. The results showed that men are interested in hair.

Women with longer and healthier locks were considered more sexually attractive by their husbands, resulting in them having more sex.

«Men found women with longer hair more attractive, which consequently led to increased sexual attraction among men,» experts said. «This increased sexual desire was associated with a higher likelihood of more frequent sexual acts within couples.»

They added that the results obtained indicate that «female hair can indeed convey an evolutionary message to the opposite sex».

Meanwhile, women participating in the study were also asked about their husband’s hair. Although it could be assumed that men with thick hair similarly send «evolutionary messages» about attractiveness and fertility, the results showed that there was no correlation between a man’s mane and his sexual life. While this may be good news for balding macho men, scientists acknowledged that further research is needed.

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