The condition of Kim Kardashian’s hair has caused concern among fans (Video).

The perfection in the Kardashian sisters’ images is a thing of the past. Kim is slowly but surely moving towards complete naturalness: sometimes she complains about the fate of being a single mother, sometimes she allows photos without a gram of makeup to be posted on the internet. But it seems that fans, who previously criticized the star for photo retouching and body image issues, were not ready for her imperfections.

Recently, the star posted an unremarkable video in which she spins for the camera. Kim’s look is quite ordinary except for her hairstyle. The celebrity has ditched her usual extensions, so the thin ponytail caught the attention of her followers. In addition, the stylist either generously oiled the hair or went overboard with hairspray for fixation. «Don’t you think the hair looks too greasy?» one follower asked Kim. «I feel like I’m 10 years old again, after my mom oiled my hair,» joked another. «Fire the hairstylist. This is not a hairstyle, it’s a disaster,» added yet another. But Kim doesn’t seem to be upset: she, more than anyone else, knows that rebuilding a reputation is no easy task.

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